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What we offer

Choose for individual support, a journey for two or our 6-day retreat.

We work with a step-by-step, professional approach to the use of psychedelics. This includes preparatory sessions and integrative therapy sessions.

Individual therapeutic support

Our packages for individuals are tailor-made for those who prefer personal attention on their healing journey. We create a safe space for you to share your personal story, guide you to uncover different parts of yourself and gain new insights. We spend more time together on the preparation and integration of the psilocybin session.


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Sessions for two

Going on a psychedelic journey with your partner or a friend can contribute to the connection between you. Sharing the experience and being able to talk about it with each other afterwards supports the integration process.

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Image by Linda Xu

6-Day group retreats

Sharing psychedelic experiences with others can help to anchor the experience and contribute to a sense of belonging. We work with groups of a maximum of 8 participants. 

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Image by Arthur Poulin
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