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Are you are looking for a private, safe and professionally curated journey with psilocybin truffles? Our individual journeys are divided into four main elements. Each of these elements play a vital role in ensuring that you get the best out of your journey into the subconscious. Get started by booking a free discovery call with us.

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STEP 1 - Exploration & Planning

Book a complimentary exploration call with us in which we dive into your intentions for the journey, and answer any questions about the process.  

We will also send you a health check form, with questions about sensitivities, and requirements.

Based on the conversation and your responses, we assess whether we are a good fit and agree on how we can best support you.

Next, we will be in touch with you to book dates, plan our meetings, venue for the journey and travel.

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STEP 2 -Emotional Preparation

A 90-minute session that takes place 1-2 weeks before the psilocybin journey is a gentle introduction to working with parts of you. We connect to your intention for the session and listen to any concerns.

We send you additional information to help prepare you for the journey and pack what you need.


STEP 3 - The Psilocybin Journey

The day starts out with a healthy breakfast at 8 am after which we fast (herbal teas and water are recommended) and slow down.

We offer a 60-minute parts mapping session that will support you to be present to the emotions coming up in relation to the psilocybin journey.

You might want to walk in nature, meditate, do some stretching. A 30-minute guided breathing meditation will help you relax and ground.

We set our intention together through a short ceremony. Then, you ingest your dose of psilocybin and get comfortable on your bed. You can cover your eyes with an eye mask and we play you music that will support you through your journey. 

We will be there by your side to support you throughout the experience. This takes about 5 hours.

Once the effects of the psilocybin start wearing off, we provide tea and a light snack. 

When the moment feels right, we will complete the therapy sessions with a closing ceremony.

After the closing, we will provide you with a freshly prepared meal. At this point, you are free to share any insights and experiences from your session. 

Only when we all feel 100% comfortable that you are ready to be left alone, will we leave you.

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STEP 4 - Processing Support

Two 90-minute (online) sessions take place 1 week and 2-3 weeks after your psychedelic journey. We check with you how the days following the psilocybin journey have been for you and take you through a process to support you with integrating what came up during the session.

Should you require additional assistance it is possible to book extra one-on-one sessions with us.

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