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with a
professionally guided psilocybin journey
Including preparation
and integration


Improving the quality of life regardless of the quantity of life.

  • You have come face to face with your own mortality and you are feeling anxious about your life coming to an end.

  • You live life amidst a backdrop of uneasiness, discomfort or even dread as you imagine the imminent threat to your existence. 

  • Maybe you feel afraid and can’t stop thinking about how your passing will be for those that you love so much.

  • You have received a terminal diagnosis and are in palliative care and would like some support dealing with your existential distress.

Psilocybin has been clinically proven
to reduce end-of-life anxiety.

Research and personal experience show that psilocybin is effective at preventing end-of-life anxiety and fear

Cherry tree
Cherry tree

Why Psychedelics?

In the early stages of any life-threatening disease, psychedelics can help people to shift their perspective, adjust to the new circumstances of living with the illness and accept the changing impermanent nature of life. In the later stages, psychedelics can help to reduce existential distress and end-of-life anxiety that frequently come up.

Meet the Team

We provide emotional support and therapeutic coaching to anyone who is reaching the end of their life. This could mean that you have had a terminal diagnosis, it could mean that you have a serious illness, and it could mean that you are in the later stages of life.

  • You may believe that you are helpless in the face of death and you may feel hopeless about ever being able to be relaxed about it.

  • You may even think that existential fear is inevitable and a part of life that is unavoidable.

  • The constant fear of death clouds your ability to fully live.

  • You don't know how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years you have left.

  • You don’t have any control over that, and that feels scary.

It is not


When done in a safe set and setting with experienced guides that you can trust, psilocybin can offer the type of transcendent or mystical experience that minimizes or eradicates existential anxiety and fear.

This is for you if...

  • You have a terminal diagnosis

  • You have recovered from a serious and potentially life-threatening illness and you fear that it may return

  • You are fit and healthy and yet every feeling in your body leads to thoughts of disease and death

  • You have been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness

  • You are ready to put the effort in to prepare for your journey.

  • You are eager to maintain a regular/daily spiritual or self-connecting practice.

  • You are curious to explore the nature of reality and what it means to be human.

  • You are suffering from the emotional distress that comes at the end of life.

  • You suffer, or previously suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar, mpd, or other severe psychological illness

  • You are taking anti-depressants like MAOI’s, SSRI’s

  • You are wanting a quick fix

  • You have or previously had a heart condition

  • Your medication does not interact well with psilocybin

  • Your living circumstances are unstable and you do not feel safe and secure at home.

This is NOT for you if...

Testimonials and case studies – go here – We could put a youtube video here or the trailer for dosed 2 while we gather case studies and testimonials


What's included

  • 4 therapeutic coaching sessions of 75-90minutes

  • A relaxing breathwork session

  • An intention-setting ceremony

  • 1 medium/high dose psilocybin truffle journey

  • Staggered dosing to support a smooth take-off and landing.

  • 2 experienced facilitators(male and female)

  • A delicious and colourful organic vegetarian meal

  • A telephone call to check in with you in the days after your journey.​

What is not included

  • Your accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands

  • Your travel expenses

  • Our travel expenses if we need to travel more than 60 km

  • o   Every km above 60km will be charged at €0.45/km

On the psilocybin day, we will be with you for 12 hours.

We start the day together with a cup of tea and some casual conversation as we get to know one another a little better. You may at this point be feeling the butterflies in your stomach. This is normal. We will support you to calm your nervous system with a therapeutic coaching session and some relaxing breathwork. After a short intention-setting and space-clearing ceremony you will get to ingest the psilocybin-containing truffles. At this point, you may want to lie down and cover your eyes so that you can experience each moment of your consciousness shifting. For the entire journey, there will always be one of us with you, most of the time both of us. This time is yours to explore your consciousness and be served in whichever way you need. This may be holding your hand, sitting beside you or with a hug. It is your time and up to you to decide how you would like to fill it in.

These journeys often bring dramatic shifts in perspective. We will be there to listen empathically to whatever it is that is arising in you. Imagine floating in a warm bath of empathy where you can just be you. In this open state, your senses are heightened and food generally tastes much more intense. We will lovingly prepare some simple and fresh delights for you to indulge in as you enjoy your open state of being.

It is our intention to offer quality and not quantity, so we restrict ourselves to offering no more than 4 sessions per month. Please book timeously to avoid disappointment.

Going through the program will…….what will they get out of it.

People who have used psilocybin to treat end of life anxiety experience.

·       A greater sense of well-being and acceptance

·       B

·       C

·       D

·       E


Self empathy 2.0

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The art of empathic listenin

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Express your self honestly authetically and with compassion

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Psychedelic integration workbook

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We know that you may feel desperate at this point and that you are ready to jump in with both feet. We also know that psychedelics have not yet fully integrated in our society, so your family and friends may think you are crazy and that you will lose your mind. Maybe you are even afraid that you will lose your mind and never come back. Like everything in life, using psilocybin is not without risk. Relative to other drugs, psilocybin use is safe when used in the right set and setting. See this graph comparing different drugs and their danger to person and society.

David Nutt drug harms chart.png

At this point, you may be super excited and want to sign up immediately. This is where you would normally get sent directly to a payments page where you can pay for and book your session with us.

We do not take this work lightly and we hope that you don’t too. If you have read this far and you would like take the next step then please click on the link below to book a discovery call where we can meet each other and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

Book discovery call here button

Maybe thinking about taking this step and booking a psilocybin journey with us may feel like a big step, and maybe a little too much of a leap for now. We have also had great results just working with the internal family systems model in our one on one therapeutic coaching trajectories. Click here to read how therapeutic coaching can relieve end-of-life anxiety by compassionately listening to the parts of you that are feeling terrified.

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