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Psychedelic experiences can be beautiful and they can also be extremely challenging.


It is in the challenging experiences that we transform and grow the most, and without adequate support, these challenging experiences can lead to new trauma.


We offer a safe container where your needs will be cared for and where you can stay focused on surrendering to your process, thereby maximising the healing potential of psilocybin. We believe that by combining the ritualistic and therapeutic models of psychedelic use that a safe container is created for personal transformation. 

We don't see our role as being that of guides or trip sitters. A guide has an active role, leading someone somewhere and may interfere in the process. A trip sitter might imagine doing very little, just sitting with you.

Our role is somewhere between these two. We give space, allow the process to unfold, and step in to support you by offering a listening ear or holding your hand when needed.


We hold a compassionate and open space for you to safely explore your subconscious. 

How do we create this safe container?

  • We support you to prepare your mind for the process with a 90-minute zoom call. This will help you to get clear on your intention and to listen to any parts of you that may come up in relation to your psilocybin journey.

  • With a 60-minute process on the day of the journey itself, to support any parts of you that are fearful or overzealous. This will help you to relax back so that you can enter into the process with ease.

  • Through breathwork to support even more relaxation and opening to the process.

  • Through guided ritual to prepare your mind and body.

  • By doing our own inner work as facilitators, we have developed our capacity to stay in the energy of empathy and compassion, regardless of what you are going through.

  • Offering a safe space for your emotions to arise without judgement.

Image by NASA
Image by NASA

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