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We both have extensive experience in supporting clients through deep inner processes as retreat facilitators and therapeutic coaches. Our journey in offering psychedelic assisted therapy began when we were asked by friends to offer them support in their psychedelic sessions. Word of mouth led to friends of friends asking for support until it became clear that it was time to expand our services to a wider audience. And with that, Psilomorphosis was born. 

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Facilitator & Therapeutic Coach

I started experimenting with Psychedelics around 1996, in my late teens. Back then, I had no understanding of the importance of set and setting, and I found myself having some very challenging and scary experiences. I had no support to integrate the experiences and had a tough time trying to make sense of what had happened. Fast forward to 2011 and I attended my first plant medicine ceremony. It was here that I had the first taste of the healing power of plants and fungi in a facilitated setting. There was however one aspect that was still missing: pre and post-ceremony support.

Because of my training as a Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Internal Family Systems Therapeutic Coach, I could clearly see how to support others to get the most out of their psychedelic experiences. 

I am eternally grateful and honoured to be contributing to life through my work as a retreat facilitator, therapeutic coach and guide.

I am humbled by the trust of my clients, allowing me to accompany them into the depths of their subconscious so that those aspects of them that have been abandoned can be healed.

Nic & Sarah � Branding � Eline Spee Fotografie � Regio Noord-Brabant, Helmond � 03.jpg


Facilitator & Therapeutic Coach

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be exploring realms of the subconscious through psychoactive plants and guiding others through such experiences, I wouldn't have believed it. While I had tried some hash and cannabis as a teenager, the thought of psychedelics scared me.

At the beginning of 2018, I was going through a challenging time in my life in which I was struggling with the tough decision to leave my husband. I decided to join an Ayahuasca Ceremony in the hope to get some clarity and insight. It was a very sacred experience, a revelatory homecoming that has positively changed my life. However, I could have done with greater guidance and support through the experience.

Since then I have journeyed with various plant medicines and discovered how compatible it is with other therapeutic modalities. There seems to be a natural fit with my other area of work which is therapeutic coaching, working with NVC, IFS therapy, breath and bodywork. 

When I'm not offering therapy, training and retreats, I like to hang out with our little lovebird, Kali, walk in nature, dance and conjure up tasty treats.

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