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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


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  • curious to explore psychedelic substances, and yet nervous to try them on your own?

  • searching for a way to do so that is safe and legal. 

  • looking for some fundamental changes in your life and hopeful that psychedelics may be able to help?

  • feeling unfulfilled with life as it is and wanting to connect to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose?




  • Safe, curated, legal, and professional services.

  • Support to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally every step of the way.

  • Experienced and compassionate care during your psychedelic journey.

  • Skilled therapists to guide you as you process and integrate your experience.


We support you to get ready to go on a journey into your subconscious. We address any fears and concerns and help you to enter the experience feeling relaxed.


As experienced facilitators, we will create a safe and secure home away from home for you to be able to relax and trust the process.


Your journey does not end when the effects of the psilocybin wear off. We support you to process what came up during your session and to integrate that into your daily life. 

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Psilomorphosis arose organically after a few years of hosting ceremonial spaces for ourselves, our friends and friends of friends who wished to benefit from the teaching and healing of psychedelic plants. 

We, Nic Burnand & Sarah Dekker, are both experienced facilitators, certified in NVC and IFS Therapy. Between us, we have got many years of experience guiding people through deep inner processes and journeying plant medicines.

 Psilomorphosis was born out of our longing to contribute to healing, transformation and growth so that together we can continue to manifest the lives that we all know is possible. 

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey!



“For me, IFS therapy is the fastest way to make contact with old traumas and to connect to wounded parts of me from a place of pure love, to give them what they need and let them choose another goal. Nic works in a gentle way, with full attention and gives you a safe feeling and space where there is no judgment about any part that comes up during the session! Thank you Nic for the past sessions and for the ones to come!”